Peace of mind with great member benefits for you anytime, anywhere!
Smart Member Services Roadside Assistance offers three categories to suit your needs.

  1. Simple SMS Assistance Plan
  2. SMS Assistance Plan
  3. SMS Extended Assistance Plan

Becoming a member is simple. Apply online today and secure your safety on the road.

  Smart Member Services Roadside Assistance provides a system that minimizes the risk associated with break-downs or accidents, significantly improving the safety of vehicles and their drivers throughout the USA. We offer a wide range of choices to customize your roadside assistance needs according to the vehicle you drive.
A membership with Smart Member Services gives you peace of mind in an emergency.

At this time you may take advantage of our 60 day Free Trial period.  Billing will start in 90 days from the purchase date.  If you are not satisfied with our level of service you may call and cancel at anytime to prevent our monthly billing cycle of $40/month. After the 90 days, If you are not satisfied or feel that our services may not be required you may still cancel for a full refund.(Providing that services were not rendered to date of cancellation) So, What do you have to lose. 
  We also provide easy payment options which allow you to pay monthly through recurring payments on your checking or savings account.  Imagine peace of mind on the road for about $1/day.

Whether it's your car, motorcycle, or trucks up to 1 ton, Smart Member Services will provide coverage through your choice of 3 different membership options. If you get a flat tire, stuck in a ditch, a dead battery in the middle of nowhere, your car won't start or it's out of gas......our roadside protection service offers you peace of mind on the road.

Please note: There is a 5 business day approval period from the time the application is submitted online or by phone Monday through Friday.  
* All prices are in US dollars
  Mission Statement
The mission of Smart Member Services is to exceed the expectations of its members by providing prompt and reliable roadside assistance.  We believe that the success of our business is in the reliability of the services provided.  Our objective is to provide each and every customer with Peace of mind through reliable and time efficient roadside assistance.