·  Is the emergency number a toll-free number?

Yes. The emergency roadside assistance phone number is toll-free and is provided to approved members only.

·  What areas are covered in your service plan?

All 50 states in the US and all Canadian provinces.

·  How many cars are covered under the plan?

One vehicle is covered under the SMS Assistance Plan for the amount of $360.00 per year. The policy is attached to that vehicle and anyone driving that vehicle will be covered. You can purchase coverage for each additional vehicle at the discounted rate of $25 per year.

·  Is there a number I can call to purchase?

The phone number to our sales desk is 1-877-805-8849.

·  Do I have to be reimbursed or does Smart Member Services pay if I need service?

Should your vehicle become disabled, Smart Member Services will arrange and pay for qualifying services. Should a member need service that is beyond our coverage and services then we will arrange service that can be paid directly to the service provider by the member.

·  How long has Smart Member Services been in business?

We have provided roadside assistance for over 4 years to our customers throughout North America and have recently made our services available to our customers online.

·  What will I receive after being approved as a member?

Your membership information and the 800 number to our roadside assistance center is all provided upon approval as a member. This information is sent via email or via regular mail. Upon signing up please remember to enter either your email address or accurate home address that you use most often as this will be the address receiving your membership information.

·  What is the response time if my vehicle is disabled and needs service?

Our nationwide average response time is 30 minutes. This can vary greatly depending on the location of your vehicle, weather, distance from nearest provider of the service that is needed etc... As an example, should your vehicle become disabled near a major metropolis during light traffic hours and during good weather, your wait should be less than 30 minutes. If your vehicle becomes disabled on a holiday, during bad weather far from a major metropolis then the wait could be longer than 30 minutes.

·  What will be the activation date of my service?

We require a ten business day waiting period before new accounts can become active. The soonest that we can provide service is two weeks, from your purchase date.   Monthly billing will start 90 days from your purchase date.