• Your safety and reassurance is our PRIORITY!

If you’re well prepared with everything you need in your car, you shouldn’t have to accept any help from strangers or even leave the car. However, no matter who breaks down — men or women — they all need the same things in case of a roadside emergency.

In case you require our assistance in the most inopportune times, please read and print the following tips and store them somewhere in your vehicle.

Use your cell phone to store our EMERGENCY contact information.

Your cell phone is a terrific tool to keep you safe.  The first thing you should do is prorgram our EMERGENCY HOTLINE number into your phone (phone number provided to approved customers). Call us immediately if you require our assistance. Our technician will stay on the line until help arrives.


Make sure your cell phone is fully charged. Invest in an adapter for your car and leave it in your glove compartment at all times.

If you've been locked out of your vehicle and your cell phone is not accessible, proceed to a well-lit, safe business and ask to use their telephone. Immediately call Smart Member Services and ask them to contact a family member to let them know your situation.


Remain in your vehicle with all doors locked and windows rolled up.

Immediately turn your hazard lights on and always keep the following items in your vehicle:

     • A gallon of bottled water
     • An extra bottle of windshield fluid
     • At least one or two warm blankets
     • A flashlight with extra batteries
     • Flares

If a stranger does approach your car while waiting, keep the doors locked and don’t roll down the window. Hold up your cell phone and indicate help is on the way. This will help deter the bad guys from bad ideas.

Maintain awareness of your situation.

Stay calm to solve the problem fast. Do not attract too much attention to your situation, use your cell phone, give identifiable landmarks and other useful information in order to let the technicians reach you as quickly as possible. Are you on a highway? Do you remember an exit number? Do you see a highway mile marker? Are you traveling northbound or southbound? What street are you on?

Contact people who can help.

If you have your cell phone with you, be sure to call Smart Member Services and have them describe to you exactly who is coming to help. While waiting, call someone you know and let them know where you are.  If they are within reasonable driving distance have them come out to join you so that you have safety with people you trust.
Should you be in a situation where no one you know is nearby, it is late, and you are unfamiliar with the area then it is okay to contact the authorities.  Let them know that you are safe, where you are, and ask them if they can help you wait for our roadside responder.  It is much better to focus on safety first, and let Smart Member Services tell you who will be coming to your location so that you know whom to expect.

Other Important Tips:

When planning to travel long distances by car, it is advisable to contact friends or family members to let them know your departure and estimated arrival time.
Try and move the vehicle as far out of the road as is safe and possible. If you are not able to do this, place your hazards and lights on.
When calling for assistance, make sure you note the individual’s name you speak to and insist on a reference number.
Ask for an estimated time of arrival and also where they will be dispatching your "assistant" from.