Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q. What is the difference between VoIP and the traditional telephone service?
  • A. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) uses your Internet connection and it communicates by packets.
  • Q. Can i change my rate at any given time?
  • A. you can change your rate plan by calling our sales department at 1-877-805-8849 ext. 2 or e-mail
  • Q. Will you cancel my account with my current provider?
  • A. No, you must close your account personally. If you port your phone number, closing with your old provider must be made only after the transfer of your number. Otherwise, you will lose your phone number.
  • Q. How do I transfer my number?
  • A. You must sign a form authorizing the portability. Please ask our staff a copy of the form.
  • Q. Are calls between subscribers free?
  • A. Yes.
  • Q. How much do you charge for International calls?
  • A. If you sign up for our residential premium unlimited service plan we include long distance to the following 60 countries. If you sign up for our residential unlimited service plan Our low rates for international calls can be found in the following excel file.
    Click here to download.
  • Q. Do I have to configure my equipment?
  • A. Yes, just follow the instructions located in our install guides available for download here. Then simply plug it in. You just have to configure your wireless computers.
  • Q. What happens to my service if I move?
  • A. You can keep your phone number or we can provide you with another phone number in your area, if available. This is the great advantage of VoIP. You can take your phone anywhere on earth.
  • Q. What type of telephone do I need to use VoIP?
  • A. You can continue using your existing phone. All you have to do is connect it to the available slot in the VoIP router.
  • Q. What happens in case of power failure?
  • A. Your Internet connection and your VoIP will not be functional.

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